Bamboo lamp shade


Hello folks, so the living room renovation is finally finished due to the most beautiful set of Bamboo Lamp Shades.


Doing this DIY living room extension and renovation has been one of the most enriching experience of my life. I can’t believe how much joy it has brought me. From the first sledgehammer smash to knitting my own doilies, I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience, I can now sit back an enjoy what has become a beautiful space that I love to sit and relax in. I can honestly say, I spend so much time in my new living room that my social life is suffering. My friends all think I have a new love as I never see them anymore.


So my favourite part of the renovation has been searching online for bargains and inspiration. If I had to make a call on my favourite thing that I purchased, it would have to be the set of Bamboo Lamp shades. There is one hanging for the main room light and a matching piece as a standing lamp. They remind me of my gap year when I went travelling to Thailand, the sense of adventure and the feeling of connectivity that I felt with the people and the country.  These lamps have installed that feeling of warmth and joy into my house.


If you are considering a home renovation, don’t rush into finishing things. In my humble opinion, the process of making the space your own takes time and consideration. I found so much inspiration and so many bargains by that I am already starting my research for a make over for my bedroom.


Happy searching people, I hope you find the same sense of joy that I did. 


Bamboo lamp shade