First Time Home Owners-Don’t forget this!

Hello everyone, and I would like to offer a warm welcome back to my real estate blog. My brother is going through the process right now of buying his very first house. Buying a house is something that everyone wants to do, it marks a new stage in our adult life. But first time home owners usually make a lot of key mistakes. These mistakes can be things that you failed to check up on or the most common mistakes-things you didn’t think about needing. I find it's always best to have a classified ads website bookmarked for just this occasion which is why I used when helping make sure my brother is all set to move in. Here are some of the key things forgotten by first time homeowners. 

The Plunger

It has happened to all of us. The first night in your new house, the fridge isn’t full yet so you get some a bag full of seven layer burritos from Taco Bell. You go home and devour the entire bag only to be woken up hours later by a gurgling noise from your stomach. You rush to the bathroom as you exorcise whatever is in your bowel and after a grueling twenty minutes you are standing there with a toilet that won’t flush. If you were smart and got a plunger before moving in then you can just plunge that mess right out of your life, but if not then it might be a late night trip to Home Depot. That is why I told my brother to have a look at the used plungers for sale on and grab one for when the inevitable happens. 


Snow Shovel

I would that most of you are like me, living in the northern hemisphere and having to spend 2 hours a week in the winter shovelling snow so you can get your car on the road. In order to do this, you will need a snow shovel (or a snow blower but I’m not some hoighty toighty homeowner). The problem with this is, if you move into somewhere when there is no snow on the ground chances are you will forget the shovel when the snow finally does come down. I told my brother this, and he scoffed at me. Look at him now, the June snowstorm is coming and he messaged me frantically about how right I was. Being the kind soul I am, I sent him this link to a great website that sells used snow shovels and much, much more at 

 snow shovel

Keep your Cool

Now I know this isn’t exactly something you can buy online, but this is for sure something you cannot forget! Keeping your cool when moving into a new place be it somewhere you are renting or your own house is very important. It is what keeps a leaky radiator from making you tear your hair, when all you needed to do is put on a thin layer of plumbers tape. I hope this has been a helpful post for everyone, and if you are interested in reading more of my posts then please check out my latest entry on home renos. Talk to you soon! 

leaky home radiator