Home Renos everyone can do


Hello everyone, and welcome back to my real estate blog. With 2017 now upon us, I wanted to start doing more work around the house as my New Year’s resolution. I don’t mean more housework like doing dishes or washing the toilet, I already try to do that as much as I can. I was thinking more do-it-yourself type things, and some things that need fixing around the house. A lot of these repairs are on things that have been an issue since we moved in, like a window in our bathroom being painted black or a loose tile in the bathroom, but something have issues have recently become more than just an afterthought. I used to be a homeowner, so all problems in the house had to be solved by the people in the house meaning that I learnt some pretty vital tips for easy home renos.


One of the easiest things that can be done to make your house more of a home is to clear up the waterways in your bathroom. You will want to not only do this on the drainage end, but also in the spout as well. It is actually really simple, all you have to do is unscrew the nozzle of the tap and then clean it with a bleach solution. To clean the trap, there are two ways which work best when used together. First, turn off the water main in your house. Second, place a bucket under your drain and remove the bolt at the ‘S’. This should allow a bunch of hair and other things to fall out of the trap, and if you use something long like chopsticks through the sink to help push anything else through the drain trap. If you want more DIY tips that can make your home more valuable let me know in the comments, talk to you next week everyone.


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