Plants for Every New Homeowner

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Welcome back to another glorious day, and with that comes a glorious post for my real estate blog. I just helped my baby brother buy his first house last week, and have been helping him with everything else since. The other day, I found lots of pre owned plants online at that I brought over to his house and helped him plant them in the yards and place some strategically throughout the house. Some plants can really spruce up a place (pardon the pun) and when you are a new homeowner and don’t have the experience for those crazy flowers you see at your grandma’s house some simple plants can really help you out.

What kind of plant do you want?

Plants are an awesome gift, as they just keep on giving. If you or someone you know recently moved into a new house, considered getting them/you a plant from our list. Plants can help to improve your air quality, lower maintenance needs or even bring safety to your children and pets. I have divided them into groups below, including a variety of plants that can help in any of the categories above. Now, this list is very western centric, meaning if you are living abroad you may not be able to get some of these.

5 plants for Cleaner Air

Everyone knows that plants help clean the air around us, but it isn't common knowledge that some plants help more than others. Some plants are just better at absorbing certain chemicals that are harmful to humans and our pets, while other simply thrive on the bad stuff. Whatever the case, look into these plants for helping to clear your room of harmful pathogens.

Aloe- Aloe can help in cleaning the air in your house of byproducts of chemical cleaners and paints, plus it has the added bonus of being the best healing gel for burns and scrapes. Add in how easy an Aloe Vera plant is to grow and maintain and this is a perfect first house plant.

Rubber Plant- The rubber plant not only has thick, smooth leaves that feel really nice to touch, bit it also emits very high levels of oxygen and helps battle toxins in the air. Plus this plant needs very little water, and can grow strong quickly.

American Rubber Plant

Chinese Evergreen- A simple plant and not a tree, this leafy plant can help clear out toxins in the room that it absorbs via photosynthesis, and also helps to clean pollutants such as smoke. Only requiring a high amount of light, this is perfect for young adults on their own.

Spider Plant- A very easy to maintain plant that is very hard to kill, the spider plant helps to remove carbon monoxide, benzene strands and formaldehyde from the air.

5 Plants requiring low Maintenance

As a new homeowner, it can be difficult to immediately break into the routine of watering plants, fertilizing them, checking lighting and all trying to control all the various factors that can affect plant growth. These simple plants require little maintenance and are great for first time homeowners.

Peperomia- The Peperomia is the ultimate slackers plants, requiring minimal light and getting its water from small amounts of moisture in the soil meaning that it can sit in your dark room for ever.


Peperomia Peltofolia

Ponytail Palm- The ponytail palm tree may require a lot of sunlight, but it only needs watering every seven to fourteen days which is the average time for a new homeowner to remember they own plants.

Ponytail Palm Tree


Grape Ivy-All the grape ivy requires is some moist soil, average room temperature and a moderate amount of sunlight to grow its curling, luscious tendrils.

Jade Plant- Only requiring a decent amount of sunlight, the jade plant is best placed in a windowsill and forgot about for two weeks to a month until you do your monthly watering.

Ficus- It may require a bit more room and work( here is a guide) than most plants on this list, and it may need the temperature to no higher than 75 and no lower than 65 Fahrenheit, this plant needs only a good amount of water( it is pretty huge) and bright sunlight to thrive.


That is my list of 10 plants for new homeowners, 5 that will help clean your new home and 5 that are easy to maintain as a first time herbalist. Any questions please leave them below, and if you are a first time reader and like this then check out my last post on tenants fees in London.