2 Up 2 Down 

Hey there folks! How is everybody this fine Blackfriday? I trust you all our US readers had a happy Thanksgiving and spent quality time with their family and loved ones. As a Brit, I didn’t celebrate but I will certainly be making the most of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that seem to have migrated to this side of the Atlantic over recent years. I wish your pumpkin pie would also! Ha ha! So today on my real estate blog I am going to talk about a style of property we have here in the United Kingdom which relatively affordable (if purchased in the right area, forget London!) and have bags of character, perfect for the first time buyer. They are also extremely popular with investors who lease them to students in University towns and cities. I am talking about the humble terrace house. Or 2 up 2 down as they are otherwise known. This style of house became popular during the industrial revolution when thousands of families, who made up the local workforces, needed to be housed in relatively small areas. A typical property would consist of 2 rooms at ground level (one to the front and one to the rear) with staircase leading to an identical arrangement on the first floor. What passed for a toilet would be in the small back yard. In modern times these houses have been extended to include a kitchen and bathroom (often downstairs at the back of the kitchen) and can be made into extremely comfortable modern living spaces. The US equivalent would be a townhouse or brownstone. Awesome little properties! You should check them out. Anyway folks, just a quick one from me today. I’ll speak to you all soon!

terraced house