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Welcome back to my real estate blog everybody! I hope you have been enjoying all that it has to offer thus far. As you have probably come to realise by now, this is not one of your average real estate and property type websites. As well as the conventional properties, like the one you can browse over at http://www.easyprices.com/,  I like to talk about things a little out of the ordinary and push the boundaries and accepted norms. While remaining loosely on topic, of course. So today I am going to take a look at the phenomenon that is the tiny house movement. In this modern world of rising property, energy and rental prices, the tiny home movement has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity due to their relatively cheap construction, maintenance costs and affordability. But what exactly are we talking about when we refer to a property as a tiny home? Let’s take a closer look!

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What is a Tiny House?

A Tiny House is a home that has been designed and constructed to be as small as practically possible whilst retaining comfort and utility. This is done with the aim of reducing the costs associated with the build, land acquisition, taxes and ongoing maintenance and energy costs. They can also be designed and optimised to be highly mobile, allowing for the relocation of the home for those with nomadic tendencies or should a move become necessary due to career commitments or such like. Whereas camper vans, trailers, caravans and traditional mobile homes are intended for short term use and provide limited comfort and quality, tiny houses or homes are designed for long term permanent use with maximum efficiency but with no sacrifice in comfort.  You can read more about the Tiny House movement here: http://thetinylife.com/what-is-the-tiny-house-movement/

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Why are Tiny Houses so Popular?

They are rarely larger than a couple of hundred square feet but still provide a functional living environment with all the amenity that a property owner would expect of a larger, traditional structure. This is achieved by eliminating any wasted or unutilized space and creating efficiencies where they would not even be considered in a traditional build, making it possible to pack a great deal of value and comfort into a very small package. Given the costs associated with buying or building a conventional residential property, a tiny house is an excellent affordable option for those looking to get on the property ladder. As they require less upfront and ongoing costs, they can be owned for an investment that few potential property owners probably would think possible, enabling the dream of owning your first home far more attainable. The original tiny house designs and builds started life in the imaginations of their eventual owners, but with the explosion of the movement in recent times many professional designers and builders are now specialising in the tiny home market, perfect for those who lack the time, skills or inclination to project manage a build themselves.


Where to Build Your Tiny House?

Tiny houses can be constructed in one of two forms, static or on a mobile trailer chassis. If of static construction, the tiny house will have to be built on land owned or leased by the owner. Planning permission will also have to be sought. Please check the relevant regulations for your particular country. In the US Eco Tiny Home Villages have sprung allowing owners to acquire a plot for their tiny home with far less red tape and also the opportunity to live in a close knit community. The mobile variety fall under the same laws as trailers and caravans and can be pitched on a temporary basis on a suitably regulated site for approximately one month in most western countries. For longer periods, further applications will likely have to be made. As tiny houses are a relatively new concept, the planning laws of most western countries have yet to cater for them as a standalone category of property. Give it time. It will happen.


So there you go folks, Tiny Houses! The future of the property market? Or just another fad that will die on the vine? I personally love the concept and could see myself happily living in one for the rest of my days. All the benefits that are listed above and the unconventional nature of the concept have completely won me over! I am in! I just need to get saving now. Hopefully by the time I have enough pennies to invest in my own the laws in my country will have been amended to cater for the tiny house owner, making the process more streamlined. We can only hope. Anyway, that is all from me for today folks. I’ll be back with another informative blog post real soon. Take care for now!