Hello and welcome, to my real estate blog everyone. The market for short term property rentals is bigger than ever before, and climbing more and more each day. For property owners this is a great thing, as it means that those spare rooms the kids used to stay in and now are only filled with your collection of beanie babies can be turned into profit. Consider these four tips on turning your space rooms into a profitable vacation home. 

Acquire Permits

As I already said, short term rentals are increasing every day. To combat how this affects the rest of the accommodation industry, cities are having to pass ordinances that require property owners to go through the same checks and balances that a hotel owner would. You will need to make sure you get all the needed permits and licenses before starting anything else. 

Prepare your Home for Guests

Most guests will be kind, respectful, and courteous but a mistake or accident can always occur. To prepare for this, make sure to remove anything fragile, valuable or sentimental from the areas that your guests will have access to. Of course, you should not replace anything with ratty, thrift store versions as you want to keep capture that high class feeling.

Take Some Photos

If you are going to be posting your rooms online for people to view, you had better make sure that they see your rooms looking the best they ever had. Even if your house is looking beautiful, if your pictures are being taken with a crummy phone camera and you don’t clean the surfaces before hand then no one will be impressed. Pictures of your rooms are the first thing that people will see, so make sure that they leave a great impression.

 Vacation Home